Sunday, 29 April 2007


Hi there! Thanks for reading my first post. I thought it was about time I made an online blog of my cross stitch. I have been stitching for about 11 years now...probably more, but the first time I remember getting 'addicted' to it was in 1996.
I am currently stitching a wedding sampler for some friends who got married last weekend. It's late, but it doesn't matter too much because I'd much rather see their faces when they open it and they didn't open the other wedding gifts until a few days after the wedding. I'll be finished soon, so I can take it when I next see them in a few weeks. It's a Bang On The Door design, called 'Hitched'.
I finished another design last week. It's a Tatty Teddy chart called 'Especially For You' and was a free chart given away by Anchor a while ago. That was a gift for another friend who got married on Friday. I stitched it on hand dyed fabric from Polstitches called 'Rustic Rubarb' (a pale pink colour) and framed it in a silver painted wooden frame. I added a few heart shaped buttons to the frame to make it a bit more special, and it looked really nice. The backstitching was a nightmare, but so worth it. It does bring the bear to life.
After I finish stitching the wedding kit, I can get back to stitching my mum's 50th birthday present. Her birthday was New Years Day, but it is such a huge design that I just couldn't finish it in time. It's not that far off the end, though, and mum knows about it now. I couldn't keep it a secret anymore, so I framed it as it was and gave it to her when she got back from her holiday in Oz back in January.
I'm looking forward to getting back to stitching something for me. I have a John Clayton kit of Golden Gate Bridge that I have barely started which I'd like to get back to.
Will try and get some more photos up on here soon.
Happy Stitching!