Thursday, 13 November 2008

Stitchers guide to the UK-Help needed!

Hello again everyone!
Partly inspired by my recent trip-and partly because my mum's current stitch guides are literally falling apart!-I am making up a stitchers guide to the UK for mum for christmas.She had the freebie ones from the magazines ages ago-one was dated 2001!, -but they are so 'well loved' that they are falling to pieces in her bag and sadly, quite out of date now. Many shops have gone, but she's keen to support the ones that are left. But I need help finding them....which is where you lovely people come in! I was hoping you could let me know of any stitch shops that you know of.
I copied as many as I could from her books-in the middle of the night,so she didn't know-but the pages were quite worn so there was lots of bits I couldn't read.I am putting the shops in county order, so if you could let me know as much info as possible, that would be fab! I need the shop name, address and telephone number. Website address if you have it, and if you know the opening times, that would be very helpful. I am especially keen on ones that open at the weekend, as I know she likes to go for drives at the weekend and find new shops.
HUGE thanks for your help!

Monday, 13 October 2008

Stitching tour of England!

Well, I'm back from my stitch tour!!! It was great fun and I was very well behaved, considering the temptation...LOL!
We started off on Monday morning by driving up to Voirrey in the Wirral. Thank goodness we had a sat nav because it was a bit hidden away. I'd never been here before and it was a lovely shop. Quite big, with lots of stitching around to drool over. I was very well behaved here and only bought a daylight bulb (mine blew about a week before). My friend, Sue found some nice bits. Nothing stitchy, but a gorgeous card and some other little odds n ends for christmas pressies.
Then we drove to Culcheth to visit the Black Sheep. We spent ages trying to find it. First off we discovered another needlecraft shop within the same shopping centre. They sold lots of wool and some other craft bits, so I bought a bag of black sead beads for £1.99. Much bigger pack than the Mill Hill ones, so I was pleased with that. The Black Sheep was right by where we came in-tucked away next to a sweet shop, so we probably missed it because we were too busy looking at the sweets. All the kits I liked in there, I had already bought from the website or shows. No new bargains to be had.
That was day one of the holiday. On day two, we went to Fleetwood market and there was a stall there which had a Country Companions cricket kit reduced down to £6, so hubby bought that for me to stitch for him. Sue got some scrapbook bits from there too. The next few days were spent in Blackpool-going to the zoo and tower, and looking at the lights. On Friday we left the caravan park and popped into Marsh Mill before heading to our next shop. This was a lovely place and I wish we could've spent more time here, but we'd left DH guarding a very full car, so we didn't stay long. Bought some little mouseloft kits and Sue drooled over the doll houses in another shop. Next was Embsay. It wasn't as good as last time I went, although they had a few kits reduced and all the DMC and Anchor kits had some money off. So we headed to our hotel ready for our last shop on saturday. This was Wye needlecraft in Bakewell. I think this one was my fave on this journey. They had their christmas room done up and it looked amazing! So many kits look much better when they're stitched. Most of the ones I wanted were out of stock, though. I did get a tiny christmas kit of a present, which is stitched in gold and red 'blackwork'. Thought I could change the colours and stitch it a few times for cards and tree decorations. Also bought some wooden bell pulls for the Dolly Mamas kits. Sue got several charts for band samplers and we had a great chat with the lovely girls who work there.
It really was a great week and we're already looking forward to doing another stitchy holiday.

Love Heart wedding sampler

My friend, Emma, got married in July and I have stitched her and her husband a little wedding picture. He proposed with a love heart, so when I saw this chart, it was ideal! I added the names and date and framed it in a simple silver frame. They were both really pleased when I gave it to them last week (I know it's very late!)

Monday, 29 September 2008

The mice are back

We've just seen a mouse in the bathroom. REALLY annoyed about it, as we thought we'd gotten rid of them after the nightmare early this year. Am hoping they've not managed to get into the bedroom, although I doubt I'm gonna get much sleep tonight, anyway. And I need to use the bathroom, but I'm too scared to go in there! I HATE mice!!!!!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Feeling poorly

Just thought I'd pop in quickly. I've almost finished my Dolly Mama High Maintenance, but I can't find my black seed beads to do the eyes-I never have managed to master a french knot! Mum has some she's gonna let me have, but I probably won't see her until the end of October. Thought I'd finish her off the same way as I did with the DM I stitched for Mum. I used some wooden bell pull ends and I think it worked well for it.

Anyway, I'm not feeling so good this week, so I'm gonna go and hide under my duvet with a mug of lemsip and a copy of Heat!

Sunday, 7 September 2008

I *really* love these!

Bothy Threads have released some more cut thru designs. These are definitely going on my Christmas wish list!

I've always wanted to live in a windmill, and this one certainly looks fun. Then there's the North Pole house, which I *need* for my collection, as I adore Christmas. And that Camper van is just brilliant!

Of course I already have 3 cut thru designs, which I haven't even started yet. Princess Palace-because I want anything Princess-related! Pirate Ship to stitch for day! And the new Narrow Boat design, because we had our honeymoon on a narrow boat.

But I've barely done any stitching in months. I worked on the Dolly Mamas 'High Maintenance' at the cross stitch meet last week, but haven't picked up Mum's one in ages. Debi had a baby girl, but I haven't heard anything from her since that, so haven't done anything to the baby sampler. I must get motivated!

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Holidays galore, but not much stitching!

I've barely been home since mid June. It's been one holiday after another with me! Firstly I went to Gloucester for a week to see my family & friends for my birthday. Then, my Mum & Grandma took me on a short break to Cornwall, which was lovely. Then a friend of mine was getting married up in Blackpool, so Bob & I went there for the wedding, and stayed for a few days afterwards. Cold, but good fun. We're going back to see the lights in October.
Then I had 5 days at home to repack my case for another holiday. A very last minute invite from a friend to join her in Kos for a fortnight. She had split up with her boyfriend, so I was taking his place. It was a fab holiday, but, not being used to spending time with children (there were 3 in the group!), I came home shattered!
I did take some stitching with me, but hardly had any time to do any. I did stitch a Love Heart for my friends wedding, but I still need to add the date to it before I take any pics.
My friend, Debi, is now 3 days overdue to have her baby, so the Humpreys Corner is still on standby....wonder if it'll arrive tomorrow-8/8/08....very lucky from what I've heard!?!

I did have a bit of a clear out and today I've posted lots of kits on Ebay (my ID is ruth-honey if anyone wants to have a look). I just have no space left for any more kits. My huge box is packed full, and I have dozens of cover kits to stitch. It was time to see if I could try and create a bit of space. It's either that or move house! LOL! All money earned for the sales will have to go on lottery tickets to see if I can afford a mansion-I'll need the wall space for when I stitch all these kits.

Anyway, I'd better get on with some tidying. My best friend is coming to stay for the first time soon, and I need to make some room for the air bed.

L xxx

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Which looks better?

Which frame do you think looks better? I've left the cardboard corners on the silver frame for now, so please ignore those.I just can't decide which is better. I don't know the couple it's for, so it's even harder to know what will work best in their house.

I've framed up 'Cuddles' the cat now too. I think he looks lovely! I will be hanging him above my bed, but I couldn't wait to take a photo of him...

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Latest finish & some of my favourites

I haven't had chance to stitch a lot recently. I've been busy building Ikea furniture for the spare room (or craft room, as I call it, but don't tell DH!). I have finished the Lizzie Kate wedding snippet though. I wanted to get that done as I'm sure my Dad thought I wasn't gonna stitch it in time. It took a couple of days, and the worst bit was chosing the right shade of chocolate brown for the names. It's for my Dad's neighbours and I've not been in their house, but my Dad wanted me to stitch something for them on his behalf and told me their decor is cream & chocolate. I think it turned out nice, although now he wants me to find a frame for it too!

I thought I'd also show off some of my favourite cross stitch pieces. Below is a card of some beach huts I stitched for my dear friend, Gloria, a couple of years ago. It was her 70th birthday and some of her cross stitching friends each stitched something for her and they were all put in an album. I chose this because she lives near the seaside and it reminds me of visiting her. I also stitched her a dolphin, as we're both dolphin crazy!

Probably the largest thing I've stitched-and finished!-is a lovely Heritage Stitchcraft 'Titanic' picture. I asked for this particular design because out of all the Titanic kits I looked at, this was by far the nicest. I was given it for my 21st birthday (2001) and started stitching it as a stitch-a-long just afterwards. Two other girls, both in USA, were doing the same design. I was the 2nd to finish August 2004! Because it was so special, I had it professionally framed by Sue at SD Framing and I think it looks amazing! It was all stitched on evenweave and every single area is covered. Well worth it, though and it hangs in our living room, above the sofa.

The only other cross stitch I've had professionally framed was Dad's 50th birthday present. I had found a cute Country Companions kit in the sale a while before his birthday and thought I'd amend it a bit to suit him more. Originally the football kit was red, white and blue, but Dad's team is Plymouth Argyle and they play in green, so I changed the colours to shades of green. Easier said than done! I finished stitching it a few days before his birthday and Sue did a fab job framing it-especially given such short notice! Here's the pic of me & Dad (in his Argyle shirt) with the finished piece.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

A few finishes

I've been busy stitching, although no more progress on Crisp Afternoon yet. Will do soon, I promise!

I stitched Lizzie Kate's 'Spring' snippet for my Grandma's birthday in March. It was a very last minute thing, as I couldn't think of anything to buy her. I used some hand dyed fabric in 'Fields of Green' and managed to stitch the design in about 3 days! The plan is to stitch the other seasons for christmas/next birthday, so my brother bought a large frame for her and we need to find a mount with 4 apertures in. Will post a pic when I can.

I also stitched Margaret Sherry's 'Not Fat...' for myself. Just got it into my head one day that I *had* to stitch it, so I dug it out, found a piece of evenweave (Dragon Shades, Cuddles) and got stuck in! It took about a week, I think. The backstitching was fiddly, so I was glad I used evenweave, not aida, but the look is fab! I've taken a pic, but it's not been ironed or framed yet.

My friend, Debi, is pregnant and has asked me to stitch her a Humphrey's corner design for the baby's nursery. She chose the kit she wanted and I started stitching it a little while ago. Today I finished all the backstitching on it, so there's no more I can do until she has the baby (due August 4th). It looks sweet, so I hope she likes it.

Next up is a Lizzie Kate wedding snippet for my Dad's neighbours. Hopefully won't take long to stitch.
Oh! I also sent in a letter & pic to Cross Stitch Crazy and it was published in the June 2008 issue! It was of Tommy & the 2 Humphrey's Corner pics that I stitched when he was born-3 and a half years ago!

Monday, 21 January 2008

New Year updates

Well, it's nearing the end of January already. I haven't updated this in ages, but there isn't a great deal to show. I have stitched a little bit more on the Crisp Afternoon.
Also took the Golden Gate stitching to America with me, but only really got chance to stitch on the plane, on the way out. I also managed to stitch a card for my mum and a little picture for my friend. Better than nothing, but I would've liked to have done much more.

See my webshots album for pics of the christmas designs I stitched.