Thursday, 13 November 2008

Stitchers guide to the UK-Help needed!

Hello again everyone!
Partly inspired by my recent trip-and partly because my mum's current stitch guides are literally falling apart!-I am making up a stitchers guide to the UK for mum for christmas.She had the freebie ones from the magazines ages ago-one was dated 2001!, -but they are so 'well loved' that they are falling to pieces in her bag and sadly, quite out of date now. Many shops have gone, but she's keen to support the ones that are left. But I need help finding them....which is where you lovely people come in! I was hoping you could let me know of any stitch shops that you know of.
I copied as many as I could from her books-in the middle of the night,so she didn't know-but the pages were quite worn so there was lots of bits I couldn't read.I am putting the shops in county order, so if you could let me know as much info as possible, that would be fab! I need the shop name, address and telephone number. Website address if you have it, and if you know the opening times, that would be very helpful. I am especially keen on ones that open at the weekend, as I know she likes to go for drives at the weekend and find new shops.
HUGE thanks for your help!