Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Birthday stash!

It was my birthday on Friday and I have even more kits that I want to start stitching now! Mum got me a Dolly mamas 'High Maintanence' kit, a Newtons Law kit, some aida, and an aromatherpy 'relaxing' box of stitch stuff and a candle. My brother got me the cattitues 'I'm not fat...I'm fluffy' kit that I've wanted for ages. My Aunt got my a Margaret Sherry dog kit and I also treated myself to some hand dyed fabric to use on my Pirate Ship Cut Thru when I start stitching it. I need more hours in the day!

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Currently stitching...

I have started stitching on Crisp Afternoon again. It's very slow progress, as I can only stitch a few stitches at a time, then the thread needs changing, or the frame needs moving. Confetti stitching I think they call it! Also, it takes up so much space that I can only stitch it when I'm here alone. All the chart pages and threads need to spread out over the sofa, so poor Bob wouldn't have anywhere to sit. So my evening stitching is a John Clayton kit of Golden Gate bridge. We are going to San Francisco later this year, so hopefully I can finish it by then.