Thursday, 7 August 2008

Holidays galore, but not much stitching!

I've barely been home since mid June. It's been one holiday after another with me! Firstly I went to Gloucester for a week to see my family & friends for my birthday. Then, my Mum & Grandma took me on a short break to Cornwall, which was lovely. Then a friend of mine was getting married up in Blackpool, so Bob & I went there for the wedding, and stayed for a few days afterwards. Cold, but good fun. We're going back to see the lights in October.
Then I had 5 days at home to repack my case for another holiday. A very last minute invite from a friend to join her in Kos for a fortnight. She had split up with her boyfriend, so I was taking his place. It was a fab holiday, but, not being used to spending time with children (there were 3 in the group!), I came home shattered!
I did take some stitching with me, but hardly had any time to do any. I did stitch a Love Heart for my friends wedding, but I still need to add the date to it before I take any pics.
My friend, Debi, is now 3 days overdue to have her baby, so the Humpreys Corner is still on standby....wonder if it'll arrive tomorrow-8/8/08....very lucky from what I've heard!?!

I did have a bit of a clear out and today I've posted lots of kits on Ebay (my ID is ruth-honey if anyone wants to have a look). I just have no space left for any more kits. My huge box is packed full, and I have dozens of cover kits to stitch. It was time to see if I could try and create a bit of space. It's either that or move house! LOL! All money earned for the sales will have to go on lottery tickets to see if I can afford a mansion-I'll need the wall space for when I stitch all these kits.

Anyway, I'd better get on with some tidying. My best friend is coming to stay for the first time soon, and I need to make some room for the air bed.

L xxx