Wednesday, 8 April 2009

I'm loving stitching bras! (plus 2 finishes)

I have finally finished stitching my Grandma's christmas (2008!) present-Lizzie Kate's 'Winter'-and have also completed her birthday present (LK 'Summer'). Summer took far less time than Winter did, even though it's about the same amount of stitches. I have no idea why...
I'm very pleased they're both done, though. Only 'Autumn' left to stitch now, but that will be her christmas 2009 gift, so I won't start on that just yet.

I am currently stitching the Bothy Threads 'Dictionary of Bras' that Bob bought for my Valentines gift. I'm on the 3rd bra (ZeBRA) and I'm really enjoying stitching it. It's such a fun design and the colours are great.

I do need to get back into stitching Crisp Afternoon though. It's been looming over me for years and mum is being so patient about it. After I've finished that, I'm only stitching for me me me!!! I have so many kits I'm itching to do, I don't know where to start.
I have my huge 'real counties of Britain' to do. It's blackwork, so no worries about lots of colour changing, but it's massive! Not sure how I'll manage to stitch it, or where it'll hang once it's done.
I also started an engagement sampler years ago, which I should finish. And I am almost done stitching a motorbike (and Grandma keeps asking how it's coming along! No idea why she's fixated with this particular WIP).
And there's the Winnie The Pooh millenium sampler which is part done....

Oooh-just remembered that I stitched an Easter design years ago-should really get that out on display as it's Easter week.