Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Stitching for a charity quilt

I'm currently stitching a square for a quilt that will be auctioned off for charity. A forum I post on came up with the idea and we got the OK from the designer of a Fairy Tale alphabet. It's not my style and I'm not really enjoying stitching it much because it's a lot of similar colours and I'm finding it boring. Still, it's for a good cause, so I'm happy I can contribute. I need to chart and stitch my name and location, then it's all finished!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Balloon Girl finished

When I posted earlier, I didn't expect that I would finish stitching this kit today!
I've just washed it, as I had marked out the grid lines with a fabric pen, so the colours might look a bit odd whilst it's still wet. it is...

Golden Gate Bridge-ALL stitching finished!

I'm now stitching a kit called Balloon Girl, which is based on a Banksy design. It'll be a Christmas present for my brother and his fiance. It's coming along quite nicely, so hopefully I'll get it finished soon.
I need to start finding some frames for all my finished stitching, though! I have several pieces washed and ready for framing, so I need to sit down and get ironing and mounting so I can have them on the wall being admired!!!