Saturday, 17 April 2010

Golden Gate bridge-all cross stitches finished!

I've finished all the cross stitch now! I need to wash it before adding the back stitch & long stitch.
I am kicking myself about the frames. I found 2 frames which would be ideal for it, but the mount is just slightly too small. If I had known before I had started stitching, I could've missed 3 rows from the top and 3 or 4 from the bottom of the picture and it would fit perfectly. To be fair, I hadn't bought the frames when I first started stitching, so I couldn't have known. Annoying, though! Will probably use the frame, but get a different mount cut. Which frame do you think looks better? Pine or black? (Just folded the fabric into place to give a rough idea how they'd look)

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Updated photo

April 13th 2010. The end is in sight... :-)

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Golden gate bridge update

Here's what my stitching looked like the last time I picked it up (almost 2 years ago to the day!)

...And this is what it looks like today! I've done a fair bit of stitching on it this week and it's taking shape now. I've had to put it on a bigger frame to work on as I was running out of stitching space with the smaller one.
The design is by John Clayton. I love his work and have quite a few kits by him. Several of the Circles range, as I think they look amazing, and one called 'The Junction' of a narrow boat approaching a lock. I have no idea where I'm going to display all these kits when I finish them! :-)

Friday, 9 April 2010

Tulips finished

I finished stitching this cover kit last week. It took much longer than I thought it would, but the end result looks good. Haven't framed it yet. In fact, I'm gathering quite a stash of unframed cross stitch. That's very naughty of me!
I have dug out some kits from my UFO box. Firstly I tried stitching some more on the motorbike kit that my Mum bought for Bob & I in 1999. Unfortantly, I've lost the threads from it, so I was only able to stitch the black areas. I have contacted PINN about the threads and they have told me they'll send me some more. :-)
For some reason, the bike kit was one that Grandma asked about often. I have no idea why that particular kit stuck in her mind so much, but I hope she's looking down on me when I do finish it. It'll be a tribute to her.
Next I started stitching on the John Clayton 'Golden Gate Bridge' kit that I started before we went out there in 2005. I have done a fair bit of it this week, although I haven't gotten around to taking a photo of it yet. Next update I'll add one...